Buyer’s Guide to America’s Best Bicycle Insurance 2024

A 2024 Buyer’s Guide to America’s Best Bike Insurance has been released by BikeInsure, an insurtech firm that specializes in providing bicycle accident coverage for riders in the United States. Today’s cyclists want stand-alone insurance coverage to safeguard their e-bikes and new or used bicycles.

In the event of a riding accident, BikeInsure offers damage reimbursement for repairs to your bike and specified accessories. as well as while traveling. If you choose the optional theft protection option, your BikeInsure coverage will cover a stolen bike or eBike.

“Do you Need Bike Insurance for Your Bicycle?”

For example, the Forbes Magazine article “Do you Need Bike Insurance for Your Bicycle?” addressed Bicycle Damage, “You crash your bike. If you crash into an object like a tree or car, you typically won’t be covered under a home, condo, or render insurance policy for the bike damage.”

The BikeInsure standalone insurance plan will not compromise a cyclist’s homeowner’s insurance if a bicycle accident claim occurs.

BikeInsure Standalone Bicycle Insurance

“Unlike the few traditional bike insurance companies in the United States, BikeInsure has Standardized Bike Insurance, a simple 2-minute sign-up comprehensive insurance for bicycles,” said Buzzy Cohn, CEO of BikeInsure. BikeInsure innovated a process that allows a cyclist to obtain bike coverage with optional bike theft insurance for a bicycle as quickly as it was to get for your smartphone, all from In addition, the comprehensive insurance for your bike or eBike includes a standardized $10,000 limit and a $100 deductible for only $16.99 monthly.

BikeInsure Bicycle Insurance USA

America’s Best Bicycle Insurance
The insurance plan is being administered by licenced insurance producer BikeInsure. It is underwritten by carrier Great American Insurance Company, which has been rated “A+” (Superior) by AM Best and is an approved insurer in all 50 states as well as Washington, DC. Americans have relied on Great American Insurance Company to provide them with top-notch protection and service for the past 150 years.

How much does a BikeInsure plan cost?

For as little as $16.99 a month, you can obtain a comprehensive bicycle insurance plan that covers up to $10,000 per bicycle. You are liable for a $100 deductible in the case of a loss occurrence.

The monthly cost of BikeInsure Complete Bicycle Coverage is $16.99.

Monthly insurance for road bikes is $16.99.
eBike Insurance is $16.99 a month.
Insurance for triathlon bikes is $16.99 a month.
Mountain Bike Insurance is $16.99 a month.
Monthly insurance for gravel bikes is $16.99.
Fat Bike Insurance is $16.99 a month.
Monthly insurance for cyclocross bikes is $16.99.
Monthly insurance for cargo bikes is $16.99.
Your monthly bike insurance premium is $16.99.
In contrast to other bike insurance providers, BikeInsure offers:

We don’t ask for social security numbers.
Credit reports are not necessary.
Insurance scores based on credit are not required.
No underwriting requirements.

Insurance for Bicycles $16.99 per month.

Does BikeInsure offer Bicycle Theft Insurance if my bike is stolen?

Yes! Bikes covered by BikeInsure can purchase optional Bike Theft Insurance for up to $10,000 in coverage per bike and an additional $8 per month. In the event of a claim, you will pay a $250 deductible. Bike Theft Insurance + $8 per month. What types of bikes are insured? BikeInsure plans cover new or used bicycles powered by human pedals, including road bikes, triathlon, mountain bikes, gravel, e-bikes, cyclocross, fat bikes and tandem bikes. Note: BikeInsure plans provide e-bike insurance at no additional cost. Ventum Racing Bike with ENVE Carbon Wheelset Do I need separate bike insurance for my e-bike? Yes! Your current e-bike requires separate insurance. ‍BikeInsure plans cover your e-bike at no extra cost.

Is bike insurance available for more than one bicycle?

Yes. A bike insurance policy may have multiple bicycles. In addition, other bikes may be included in a policy at sign-up or may be added after enrollment.

Ventum NS1 Road Bike. Ventum ONE Triathlon Bike.
Do you only offer bike insurance to residents in the United States?
Yes. The BikeInsure plan can be obtained by residents 18 years or older.

Bicycle Insurance USA. Castelli Cycling Jersey.
Which states does the bike insurance currently offer coverage?
America’s Best Bicycle Insurance is available throughout the United States.

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