7 Ways to Get the Top 10 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies UK 2023

7 Ways to Get the Top10 Cheapest Car Insurance in the UK 2022

Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk-When it comes to car insurance, nobody wants to pay more than they have to, especially when there are so many ways to save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your annual car insurance bill. Here are seven tips on how to get the cheapest car insurance in the UK with little effort on your part and keep your premiums lower than you ever thought possible! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. Happy savings!

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Top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk 2022-23

So you want to find out how you can get the cheapest car insurance in the UK? We’re happy to help! No matter what kind of driver you are, whether your age or type of vehicle, there are usually companies that will offer you a better price. Check out this list of top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk and find one that’s right for you.
1) How old are you?

top 10 car insurance companies uk 2022

The average cost of car insurance in the UK is £300, but with these 7 ways, you could get it for as little as £150. 1) Compare cheapest car insurance companies uk – Use comparison websites to find the top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk. 2) Get a quote – The only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal is by getting a quote from at least three different providers.

1) Shop around
One of the most important things you can do is to shop around for the best cheap car insurance in uk and ensure that you get a good deal. Make sure you compare multiple providers with different rates, and be sure to ask about discounts before deciding which company is best for your needs.

2) Compare quotes
If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, it pays to do your homework. There are many factors that go into determining your car insurance premium, and if you’re not careful, you could end up paying more than what is necessary. Here are some tips on how to get cheaper car insurance:
1. Research top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk
2. Compare quotes between different providers
3. Find out which car insurance is best in uk from reliable sources

3) Consider your excess
One of the cheapest ways is to take out a top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk policy, which means you’ll be paying a larger excess. The other way is by taking out an insurance policy with a higher premium but with a lower excess or no excess at all.

4) Build up your no claims bonus
If you have a no claims bonus, then this will not only make your car insurance cheaper but it will also increase your chances of getting a discount. A top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk with the highest no claims bonus is Admiral. They offer drivers who have had no accidents for 3 years or more up to £350 off their premium.

5) Limit your mileage
There are many ways to find cheaper car insurance, but the simplest way is to see which company offers the cheapest rate for your preferred type of coverage. Here are top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk.

6) Choose a smaller engine
The smallest engine is 1.2-litres, which may not be powerful enough for you if you like driving fast or travelling long distances. A 1.4-litres engine would be a better choice, as this is more powerful and will save you money on fuel.

7) Consider paying annually
Insurance companies have a top 10 cheapest car insurance companies uk list that can help you find the best provider for your needs. One of these is Aviva which offers protection for a range of drivers and vehicles, as well as those who live in rented accommodation or those who want their home and contents covered. The company also provides car insurance. Another option is Direct Line which offers both home and motor cover but with a focus on protecting your vehicle rather than your property.

The 10 largest car insurers in the UK underwrite more than 70% of the country’s auto insurance policies, with combined gross written premiums amounting to £11.3 billion in 2021. These companies also control 85% of the market, according to data gathered by personal finance research and analytics website NimbleFins.

But despite the auto insurance market being dominated by only a handful of leading industry players, the products, services, and benefits these firms provide vary significantly.

Top 10 Largest UK Car Insurance Companies 2022

  • Admiral Group. Market share: 14%
  • Direct Line Group. Market share: 10.8%
  • Aviva. Market share: 10.5% 
  • Hastings Direct. Market share: 7% 
  • AXA. Market share: 6.1% 
  • LV= Market share: 5.8% 
  • esure. Market share: 4.2%
  • RSA. Market share: 4.1%
Best Cheap Car Insurance Providers Trustpilot rating # Trustpilot reviews % bad ratings Fairer Finance score Best basic policy Best policy with all add ons Best overall policies
1 LV= 4.7 58698 3% 67% 100% 100% 100%
2 Direct Line 4 10769 21% 66% 92% 100% 89%
3 Churchill (Direct Line Group) 4.2 7968 14% 63% 84% 94% 88%
4 Aviva 4.2 11020 10% 62% 80% 87% 86%
5 QuoteMeHappy (part of Aviva) 4.5 38684 5% 62% 56% 74% 68%
6 1st Central (a broker) 4.5 58908 9% 60% 72% 84% 79%
7 Diamond (Admiral Group) 2.5 446 43% 66% 68% 84% 79%
8 Admiral 3.5 14561 29% 64% 72% 87% 79%
9 AXA 4.4 13960 18% 61% 60% 77% 68%
10 esure 4.2 22911 14% 61% 68% 84% 73%
11 Elephant (Admiral Group) 2.7 717 39% 60% 84% 97% 89%
12 Hastings 4.3 115228 10% 61% 32% 65% 66%
13 More Than 4 14507 16% 58% 76% 87% 84%
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