Mutual funds investment for beginners In 2022

Mutual funds investment for beginners Market Factors

Choosing the correct fund to invest in is vital. In case you are making profitable mutual fund investments. For mutual funds investment for beginners, choose a fund that has been around for a while and belongs to a recognized fund house. Read all the proper data & historical returns for each and everything about the fund performance. That way you have a better chance of ending up with a fund that has proper management in place. Next, look at previous returns over at least 5 years and then choose a fund that has shown strong growth during bull runs but has also held its own during bear runs by controlling losses. Though this is not a guarantee of future returns. You can be better placed to make a profit in the long term

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Gains or losses depend on the various parameters which one has chosen to invest in a mutual fund scheme. Such as:

1: Trailing Returns

2: Rolling Returns

3: Fund Manager Investment

4: Scheme types like Large-cap, Midcap, Small cap. Going from large-cap to small-cap market volatility and risk increases although there might be a possibility of having higher returns.

5: Duration for which you are investing. (Longer the duration you invest higher the probability of having gains)

6: Fund size ( lower the better ). Optimum fund size for each scheme varies according to the benchmark. Ideally, the fund size should not be less than 1000 crores.

7: Portfolio turnover ratio ( Lower the better)

8: Expense ratio ( Lower the better)

9: Exit load ( check the exit load of any scheme if you want to sell it before 1 year)

One should keep in mind all the above parameters while choosing any scheme

some risks attached while investing in mutual funds

There is always some risk attached while investing in mutual funds. Equity mutual funds are linked to equity so carry more risk as compared to Debt funds. But, based on historical data, equity funds perform better and yield high returns if the amount is invested for a longer period.

However, if you still want to play safe, debt funds are a better option.

You can invest in mutual funds by investing through-

1) SIP (Systematic Investment Plan): One can invest even a small amount as low as ₹5,00 every month in a mutual fund scheme. SIP is beneficial for combating the volatility of the markets.

2) Lump Sum: An investor can also invest in a lump sum amount in any mutual fund scheme.

3) STP (Systematic Transfer Plan): One can even invest in mutual funds through STP mode. In the case of STP an individual needs to invest a lump sum amount in a liquid fund or any safe fund with no exit loads and initiate an STP to another fund.

Mutual Funds Investment Steps

Nowadays investing in a mutual fund is so easy. You can invest in mutual funds:-

• Through Broker

• Direct through a bank app

• Directly on the AMC (Asset management company) website.
Happy Investing!!!

Top 10 Mutual Fund To Invest in 2022 schemes that you could favor investing in. These funds have been shortlisted by undertaking certain parameters like AUM, NAV, past performances, peer average returns, etc.

Mutual funds investment for beginners

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NOTE- Mutual funds investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Investment in Mutual funds Units involves investment risks such as trading volumes, settlement risk, liquidity risk, default risk including the possible loss of principal