Is RupayeKey a Scam App?

Is RupayeKey a Scam App?

RupayeKey loan app is an online loan market which provides a variety of loan products with different terms, users can find all their needs in our market. Its vision is to provide customers with well-selected and safe loan products as well as related services.

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What is RupayeKey Loan App?

RupayeKey Loan app is actually a platform that facilitates registered non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) or banks to lend to users. They had not provided any information about their NBFC partners but have shared their company with the name of Jimmy Anggrean.

Specification: RupayeKey Loan App Review

  • App NameRupayeKey
  • Email[email protected]
  • Address: 33, CHITTRANJAN AVENUE 3RD FLOOR KOLKATA West Bengal 700012.
  • Customer care Number: NA
  • Loan interest calculation: Interest = principal * repayment period (days) / 365 * APR
    Total repayment = principal + interest
  • Product Description:
    • Amount of loan: Minimum loan Rs 5000 ~ upper limit Rs 30,000
    • The highest annual interest rate is 14%
    • Loan term 95 days ~ up to 260 days
    • Processing Fees: 2.5% to 5%
    • Convenience Fees: 0 to Rs 250
    • If customers opt for a Value-Added Service, the fee for it shall be levied additionally.

Application conditions:

  • Indian resident
  • Above the age of 21 years
  • Should have monthly source of income

If users meet the above requirements, they can apply for a loan using our loan service.

Steps to Setup RupayeKey loan App

  • Install RupayeKey App
  • Sign-up with Your Mobile Number
  • Fill in basic information and check your eligibility
  • Upload KYC documents, including ID, Address Proof and PAN Card.
  • Request a Bank Transfer or an E-voucher for Your Loan

FAQs: RupayeKey Loan App Reviews

Is RupayeKey Loan App Real or Fake?

RupayeKey App is a real app in terms that they provide loans to people. But we have read many complaints in which RupayeKey Loan App sends money to the member even though he/she has not applied for it.

Is RupayeKey Loan App Legit?

This app is not a registered company. So, it means RupayeKey Loan is not a legit App.

Is RupayeKey Loan App Scam?

It might not be a scam, but the way they are working is totally unethical. There are some red flags present on this App which we want people to learn and understand.

Is RupayeKey Loan App Downloadable?

Yes, the app is on Google Play Store.

Download RupayeKey Loan App

Red Flags: RupayeKey loan App Reviews

  • Hidden Owner Information
  • Not Registered with Government Authority
  • No Social Media Presence
  • Loan Trap: Modus Operandi


RupayeKey Loan App is not recommended because there are many negative points we found on this app. The negative point of a Personal Loan is that people take it in a crash crunch situation when they have to fulfil some obligation and they don’t have money with them.