Same basic features but it is really about the other benefits that make it one of the best purchases wheeler insurance. These additional features come with a lot of advantages to the buyer and this is why one should choose this policy.

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Electric Bikes and Scooter insurance plans

Electric Bikes and Scooter insurance plans. The industrial revolution coupled with technological advancements has taken the human species to new horizons. However, this has come at a cost—the planet’s suffocation. Global warming is increasing day by day and the level of pollution in cities is becoming a serious threat. This is not happening in some …

What are health insurance plans?

Health insurance plans reimburse insured customers for their medical expenses, including treatments, surgeries, hospitalization, and the like which arise from injuries/illnesses or directly pay out a certain pre-determined sum to the customer. A health insurance policy offers coverage for any future medical expenses of the customer. This is an agreement between the insurance company.

Best Life Insurance Policy In India 2022 with High Return

In certain types of policies, there is also an option to get critical illness benefits. Life Insurance policies create additional protection for your family if you pass away from an accident. You can read about these features and types of life insurance policies below. What is a Life Insurance Policy? A life insurance policy.

Car Insurance polic

Car insurance, also known as auto or motor insurance, is an insurance policy. Which protects the car from any kind of unforeseen damage. It covers the person financially .in case any loss is incurred as a result of an unavoidable instance to the vehicle. It covers the person against theft, financial loss, and accidents.

Bike insurance policy details

Driving your bike without Insurance is a punishable offense in the eyes of the law. Besides Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory in India and is proven to be very beneficial as well. Here are the Bike insurance policy details. Two-wheelers are a vital part of the economy as it is the most convenient mode of transportation.