Is a scam or a legit broker?

Introduction of Review

Welcome to our review of, a fraudulent entity that has preyed upon unsuspecting investors. It’s physical address is 300 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JR UK. It is crucial to expose such fraudulent practices to protect individuals from falling victim to scams.
In the digital realm, online reviews wield immense power, guiding consumer choices and shaping businesses’ reputations. However, lurking within this landscape are scam reviews deceptive evaluations crafted to mislead and defraud unsuspecting individuals. These fraudulent assessments not only compromise the credibility of online marketplaces but also jeopardize the trust we place in customer feedback. Understanding the origins, motives, and tactics of scam reviews is essential for consumers and businesses alike. By unraveling the dark side of the online review ecosystem, we can equip ourselves with the knowledge to identify and avoid these malicious schemes, protecting our interests and preserving the integrity of the digital marketplace.

This broker has chosen to invest in the Agriculture and Real Estate Industries. A deviation from many brokers who have majorly invested in the digital markets like Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and Forex. These two industries are very lucrative and promising in terms of returns on investment. We will expose the red flags in this broker that should deter yo from investing with them lest you lose all your money.

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Is a scam or a legit broker?

First and foremost it is important to note that this broker has been blacklisted by FCA. This is a big blow to its lies since this means that they are operating without being duly registered and regulated. Regulations largely take into consideration the rights of a trader and their interests generally. When a brand is not regulated, then an investor is left exposed and is likely to be abused with no recourse.

Another important aspect that is missing is the public display of audited financials for this broker. Periodic statement of accounts must be shared by a broker to enable prospective clients scrutinize its performance over some period. These records are very important since as the old saying goes, you can use the past to predict the future. Having scanned the past performance of a broker then you can comfortably forecast how the future of this broker is gonna look like.

It is crucial to also get to know who the owners and experts behind a brand are. No details of such is shared by this broker. These information boosts confidence when you know who exactly it is and the expertise level of the people that you will be engaging. is a fraudulent investment company that you should keep off. Investment Plans has two investment accounts which are classified as short term and long term investments.

Under short term investment, for both the Agriculture and Real Estate segments the minimum investment amount is $1000. The duration of the investment is 45 days and the daily profit is 0.72%. A referral bonus of 10% is paid here, as we have always pointed out, this is to ensure that they get as many victims on board as possible.

On the long term investment category, the minimum investment amount is $10,000 for a period of 90 days. The rate of return here is 1% per month. The account segments still remain Agriculture and Real Estate.

Customer service in

Having round the clock customer service in is of paramount importance. It ensures that traders have immediate access to support and assistance whenever they need it. Whether it’s addressing technical issues, answering inquiries, or resolving concerns, round-the-clock customer service enhances the overall trading experience.

It instills a sense of confidence and reliability, knowing that there is always a dedicated team available to provide guidance and support. This level of accessibility and responsiveness contributes to customer satisfaction and helps build long-term relationships between traders and the online trading platform.

Withdrawal processing in

As with many scammers in the industry, you are only assured of a withdrawal and access to your investment amount while on the smallest investment plan.

At this point, they want to win your trust that they indeed they are a trustworthy investment company. The service will be top notch, they will actually encourage you to test their systems by withdrawing your money. After successful withdrawal they will then sweet talk you to upgrade your account with a promise of making more profits.

Immediately you upgrade your account, remember the investment period is 90 days here, they have made sure that they hold into your money for longer. Meanwhile they will be working day and night to have you refer family and friends to create accounts with them. By the time the cycle lapses, they will have many victims to defraud. When you try to initiate a withdrawal, you will get all manner of excuses on why you cannot get access to your money immediately. They will be buying time to increase their loot and before you know it this brand will be no more.

How To Determine Online Scam

There are a few things you can do to determine whether a website is legitimate or not.

  • First, you can check the website’s domain name registration details using a domain registrar tool like WHOIS. This will tell you when the domain was registered, who registered it, and where they are located. If the website was recently registered or the details are hidden, it may be a red flag.
  • Second, you can search for online reviews of the website. Check social media, forums, and review sites to see what others say about the website. If there are many negative reviews or complaints about the website, it may be best to avoid them.
  • Lastly, you can use your own judgment and intuition when browsing the website. Does it seem professional and well-designed? Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Does it ask for personal information or payment details too soon? These are all factors to consider when determining whether a website is legitimate.

It’s important to do your own research and make an informed decision before using any website, especially if it involves personal or financial information.


The fraudulent investment company we have examined throughout this review has demonstrated a blatant disregard for ethical practices and the well-being of its investors.

Its deceitful tactics and manipulative strategies have caused significant financial harm to countless individuals who placed their trust and hard-earned money in its hands.

Scam reviews pose a significant threat to the integrity of online review systems, undermining consumer trust and damaging the reputation of businesses. To counter this menace, consumers must remain vigilant by recognizing red flags and relying on multiple sources of information. Platforms and review aggregators should implement robust verification processes and encourage reporting of fraudulent content.

Businesses should actively engage with customers, address scam reviews promptly, and foster genuine feedback. By collectively combating scam reviews, we can preserve the credibility of online reviews, promote fair business practices, and empower consumers to make informed decisions in the digital marketplace, ensuring a more trustworthy and reliable online environment.

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