Is a Scam or Legit Site

Have you heard about the website called ‘’. Or you have worked on it and don’t receive any money. In both cases, Review will solve your doubts about it.

Earning online income is not easy, but it is also not impossible. People are working tirelessly to earn good genuine income. But some unscrupulous people are working to scampeople. Therefore, it is essential to question new and unknown websites.

Is a Scam? or is Legit or Not? Is real or fake?

What is

According to the website, it is a #1 Social Earning Network where people can earn $15-$20 by inviting people. EasyProfit is paying you for the things you do on a day-to-day basis.

They earn commissions by promoting advertisers’ applications or surveys and then rewarding part of the commissions to users. Here, people can earn advertising fees worldwide and can do it daily.

The only problem with is that it is not a simple website where people can earn online income for completing simple tasks.

Red Flags about Reviews

1. Duplicate Content: The content present on the site is similar to other fake scam sites (mentioned below). The site’s theme is copied, even the claims and testimonials of members.

2. Hiding Information: They know they are not doing legitimate work, so they hide and guard their information.

3. Easy task or Job: The purpose of scammers is to scam as many people as possible. Therefore, offers easy lessons and sound money on the site.

4. Referral Work: A Ponzi Scheme:Referral work or influencing people to visit a new platform is not a scam. But if a website asks people to become influencers to bring new people to it without any reason, then that site is a scam. is using this referral method to scam as many people as possible. Referral method work when a site has some service or products to sell. But on this website, nothing is sold. They want members to bring new members only. It is a classic method of online job scams.


  • Site name:
  • Email: Not provided
  • Contact address: Not given; no physical address is found on their website.
  • Contact number: Not provided
  • Social media links: This website’s irony is that it is not present on social media but wants its members to use social media to make money.


Is Real or Fake?

To be a genuine website, that website must have unique and original content. The content present on the website is copied. It is not good to blindly trust a website with other fake content. Easy-profit.ccis not a real platform to make money.

Is legit?

We couldn’t find the owner of the site—the website itself did not share anything about its owner or CEO. Even people behind it have guarded the info in WHOIS records. It shows Easy-profit.ccis not a legit website. App Download

The site doesn’t have any apps. It is simply operating via a website. They offer their members the to test apps on their site and earn money. When a person joins it, they send the link to download a software or app via which people will work for them. But it is not the app in the proper sense. Making people believe they are working on a regular project is an old trick.

Is Scam? is a scam. The content present on the website is copied. The theme is duplicated, and all the testimonials are fake. It is not an actual website and contains many red flags.

How does Work?

Sponsors pay them to get traffic that you assist them with gaining by imparting to your companions and families. Income-created returns to offshoots.

This is the very thing that the site makes sense of, yet in all actuality, they won’t pay anybody. They have no organization sponsors.

Is it Worth trying to Earn money on

The answer is simple ‘no’. We must understand that no matter how hard you can work and how desperately you want this site to be legit, the reality remains the will not give any penny to anyone on this website. So, please do not use it and never share this kind of website with others.

End Of Review

Finally, we want to say that you keep yourself from bad websites like It is not a legit online site to earn online income.