Is a Scam Or a Legit Online Earning Platform?

What is Clickarena?

Click Arena is Nigeria’s most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program. Our members are paid cash for the everyday activities such as completing online surveys, clicking / viewing of sponsored ads, watching short video clips. There are a number of different ways to earn money here on Click Arena which can be withdrawn instantly to your bank account..

We get paid by our agents to help them promote their products / services to our audience and in turn, we pay a fraction of what we’ve been paid to our viewers.

We have developed a platform where brands can promote their product or services to their target audience with the help of Influencers registered on our platform.‚ÄĚ They claim to pay people for posting ads on their website.


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  • Contact address:¬†Clickarena, c-55, Paryavaran Complex, IGNOU Road, Saket, New delhi, Delhi (India)- 110062.
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FAQ: Clickarena Review

Is Clickarena Real or Fake?

The content present on the website is copied from other similar-looking websites. Any real social earning website would never ignore such errors. There are numerous other mistakes as well and they are discussed below.

Is Clickarena Legit?

There is literally no information provided regarding the owner of this website or any parent firm. The person behind the Clickarena has kept their information hidden in WHOIS records.

Is Clickarena Scam?

This website is fake and a scam. The content present on the website and the theme have been copied from similar websites.

It has many red flags and we have discussed them below. Give them a thorough look, it can help readers make a wise decision about whether to use this website or not.

How does Clickarena Work?

The website says, “You can earn an extra income while sitting at home & posting ads on Instagram. Here is the 1-minute procedure to get your first income online:

  1. You’re paid to click on ads
  2. You’re paid for watching videos
  3. You’re paid just for signing up and joining our website
  4. You’re paid for referring your friends / families

Note: There is no proof of how exactly they will pay us and what are their earning resources. Their business model looks like a Ponzi scheme.

Is it Worth trying to Earn money on Clickarena?

This website is asking for a fee before they let their users start to earn money. As we have told you earlier, their model of business looks like a Ponzi scheme. Also, there is no information on their income source.

Red Flags: Clickarena Reviews

1. Duplicate Content: The content present on this website has been copied from other suspicious websites. Also, there are a huge number of other errors. Any legit social earning website will not make such a mistake.

2. Hiding Information: There is no information provided at all. The about us page has no relevant content and the website hasn’t provided any contact number.

3. Easy Task: Most of the easy tasks or easy work websites are a scam and it is high time to understand this issue. No one ever gets paid such a huge amount for doing almost nothing.

4. Referral Work:¬Referral work or convincing others to visit a new platform is not a scam. If a website asks people to become influencers to bring new people to their website, that website probably is a scam.


We request our readers not to visit or make any transactions at the Clickarena website.

It is not a legitimate online earning platform. please do not share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other way.