Is a Scam Or Legit Online Job Site?

What is is a platform where one can find jobs in their area that are hiring locally.According to the website, they recognise that looking for work can be difficult, and finding dream jobs can be even more difficult. works hard to provide the best job listings that meet your requirements. Search for jobs in your area and use career tools to learn about companies, salaries, and other career advancement opportunities.

Learn how to manage your job search and attract potential employers by using interview tips, job profile management, and resume resources. There are numerous job search websites and tools available on the internet. We discovered a list related to your search (mentioned on the home page).

We investigated the website and discovered that all of its claims were false. This is due to the fact that the domain age of this website is very old, no one knows who owns this site, and the site is out of date.

Specification: Reviews

  • Website name:
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: Not Shared.
  • Contact number: Not Shared.
  • Social media links: They are not present on Social Media.
  • Domain Age: 6 years, 5 months and 23 days
  • Complaints: We have seen various complaints regarding this website on the internet where people explained the trick used by it to lure them to join their website.

FAQ: Reviews

Is a Scam?

With the way the website is created and the number of negative reviews we have seen on the internet, we are of the opinion that it is a scam site. Also, this site is not original. Even though it is a very old website but it contains various red flags that are found on a scam website.

A good and genuine website changes with time and includes newness to its appearance. Also, being an old website, it doesn’t make any positive mark of itself on the internet community.

Is legit?

Being a 6-year-old website, still nobody knows which company or person owns this site or who is the CEO. It is an important piece of information that people must look for on the website, where either they are paying or receiving money.

Nothing has been shared on the website that gives useful information about the people that operate this site. It also hides its information in the WHOIS records. This trick is generally found on scam websites.

Is Real or Fake? is not a real website. It is because nobody has ever got any job using this platform. Many people tried this site but they failed to get a job because there is no one.

People have mentioned that their email gets spammed by this website, and every email has a subject life for a job that is never listed. The jobs listed are nothing close to the job that matches the person’s skill. Everybody has mentioned it to be a waste of time.

How does work?

According to the website, it sources the best jobs from the internet- over nine million of them. They use AI technology to ensure that the jobs one is finding best matches him or her.

This is not the way it worked. It is working to gather people’s information and they sent the same to various other job searching platforms.

They will send people’s info out like Halloween candy. Their customers get calls and texts all day from sites that he/she never signed up for.

Red Flags: Reviews

1. Duplicate Content is Used: The content of the website is copied and presented on other fake websites. The theme of is copied and even their claims and proofs of members.

2. Hiding people know that they are not doing legitimate work and that is why they have hidden and guarded their information.

3. Negative Reviews: the internet is full of negative reviews.

4. Spamming People:they are spamming their members by sending them a list of jobs that are fake. People receive unwanted emails from numerous websites where they have not registered.

5. Is Safe? It is not a safe website because many people have mentioned in their reviews that this site has shared their information with different websites without their consent.

5. Not Available on Social Media:A website which is 6 years old and doesn’t have any social media presence, is itself a big red flag.

It is a very subtle point that creates a big difference in today’s times. Social media is the right platform for every website to communicate with their customer but doesn’t want it.

End Of Review

Never ever share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other unscrupulous activity.