Is a Scam Or Legit Earning Platform

What is Wooklly?

They claim to pay people for working online. However, it is not clear what the work exactly is. The details we found on this website are given below.

  • It really pays off.
  •  It offers easy-to-do tasks.
  •  It provides an online opportunity to work from home part-time.
  •  It is easy to register and log in.
  •  It also helps people who do not have special knowledge.
  •  It does not take a fee for registration.

Specification: wooklly Review

  • Site name:
  • Email:
  • Contact address: Not Provided
  • Contact number: Not Provided
  • Social media links: Not Provided

FAQ: wooklly Review

Is wooklly Real? or Fake?

The content present on the website is copied from other websites. Any real social earning website would never make such an error. There are numerous other mistakes as well and they are discussed below.

Is wooklly legit?

There is literally no information provided regarding the owner of this website or any parent firm. The minds behind the wooklly have kept their information hidden in WHOIS records.

Wooklly App Download

When someone joins this site, they are sent a link to download a software or app that will allow them to hire people. However, This app is not even a proper app. It’s an old trick to fool people into thinking they’re working on a regular project.

Note: Such apps or links usually are malware that can easily sweep your bank account.

Is wooklly Scam?

In Our opinion, this website is fake and a scam. The content present on the website and the theme have been stolen from similar websites.

It has many red flags and we have discussed them below. Give it a thorough look, it can help readers make a wise decision about whether to use this website or not

How does wooklly Work?

“Wooklly offers various part-time online jobs that can pay you an extra income. It is a popular online platform for remote working. Millions of people are happy to earned $100-$150 on a day.

Is it Worth trying to Earn money on Wooklly?

As we have told you earlier, their model of business looks like a Ponzi scheme. Also, there is no information on their income source.

Red Flags: Wooklly Reviews

1. Duplicate Content: The content present on this website has been copied from other suspicious websites. Also, there are a huge number of other errors. Any legit social earning website will not make such a mistake.

2. Hiding Information: There is no information provided at all. The about us page will not open and the website hasn’t provided any contact.

3. Easy Task: Most of the easy tasks or easy work websites are a scam and it is the high time to understand this issue. No one ever gets paid such a huge amount for doing almost nothing.

4. Referral Work:Referral work or convincing others to visit a new platform is not a scam. If a website asks people to become influencers to bring new people to their website, that website probably is a scam.


It is not a legitimate online earning platform. please do not share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other way.