Rocketmoney Review: Is Rocketmoney Scam Or Legit?

About Rocketmoney

Rocket Money is a budgeting and bill negotiation app that was founded in 2015. This mobile-based platform helps you monitor your monthly bills and spending habits so you don’t overspend. And Premium members get perks like its bill negotiation service and subscription cancellations, potentially saving you money on bills you’re overpaying for or don’t need.

According to its website, Rocket Money has saved its 3.4+ million members over $245 million since its inception. The app has also helped cancel $155+ million in unused subscription fees for even more savings

Rocketmoney Review

Rocket Money Referral

Yes, you can always invite your friends and family to Rocket Money platform because Rocket Money platform always welcome new members that are just joining their community for the first time also platform provides tutorial guides for beginners so they can find everything easy on Rocket Money platform.

Once you refer and they click on your referral link and register on Rocket Money platform you will be credited with money in your account.

Is Rocketmoney App Downloadable

Currently, Rocketmoney have an app on Google Play Store. Rocketmoney is operating via a website. Rocketmoney offers their members investment solutions to make money.

RocketMoney App Download

Is Rocketmoney Scam or Legit?

RocketMoney is a legit app in the sense that it helps you stay on top of monthly subscriptions and bills. And if you pay for Premium, its team makes the effort to negotiate better rates for you if that’s what you want.

However, there are numerous aspects of Rocket Money that we’re not fans of. For starters, you have to pay for this app to really be worth it since free budgeting apps offer way more customization options than Rocket Money’s free version. And if you sign up for Premium, you have to jump through hoops if you ever want to unsubscribe and stop paying.