Qava Review: Is a Scam or Legit?

About is a Ponzi platform that allows you to get double of your investment in 6hours and provide you with plans to reinvest till you earn 200,000 naira with just an initial investment of 2000 naira. When you register in the platform, you will pay a sum of 2000 naira and get 4000 in 6hours, you will be able to upgrade to higher matrix with that 4000 naira and get 8000 in just 6 hours and the chain continues like that.

What is

Qava is a a Crypto Coin developed by zenora and can only be distributed within the members of the platform, you can Buy Qava, you can Sell Qava, and you can even Transfer Qava to your friends. You can also use your Qava to join the ICO (Matrix).

While developing the qava coin, the platform promised less stress with the fact that you will be able to upgrade with the Qava you already have. Meaning you won’t have to pay new money when upgrading. Once you’ve joined level 1, you won’t ever have to pay new money when upgrading.

Stability is also one of the acclaimed features, As a digital currency that has utility, Qava will be technically uncrashable

How works

Qava adopt a peer to peer Ponzi scheme system as that of mypay247 with touch if matrix, this matrix is what will enable you to make up to 200,000 naira with an investment of just N2,000. It’s just like getting double of your investment and reinvesting it till you make much money.

For example, when you register on and join your first matrix with 2000, you will be merged with two other people and these people will pay you 2,000 each. Sometimes, you might be merged with one person to pay you the whole 4,000, depending on the number if individuals that are available to join new matrix. Below shows the different levels that are available on the platform and how they works.

Is legit

So far so good in this review, a lot have been revealed about the platform and I am sure you now know everything about the platform and with the detailed information revealed in the qava review so far, you should know where the platform belongs and have all it takes to classify qava as scam or legit.

Just take as someone that hurt you twice and come back the third time, treat them to your best capacity of you can treat such person.

Is a Scam

They are have shut down multiple times with peoples fund and I see no reason or whatsoever to waste more time on the platform, but if you know how to handle Ponzi platform, then you can proceed.

Just know that you’re dealing with a high risk ponzi investment platform that can crash at any point in time.