Is Legit or Scam Investment website?

In this article we will answer lot of amazing features and what their main aim is and by the end of this article you will find of whether this article suits you or not, you can trust the team at #emenewton as we will give you a good honest review concerning this platform.

And by the end of this article we shall give our final verdict and talk about whether this platform is legit or scam.

What is is an Online Money making platform that wants users to purchase an investment plan on the platform and a commission daily.


All new registered members are welcome with a registration bonus of 20$.
Before users will start earning on the platform they are expected to recharge a minimum amount of 7$.
The commission earned by users depends on the current plan user’s recharge on the platform the higher the plan the higher the commission users will earn.

FAQ: Review

Is Legit or Scam Investment website?

At the  moment writing this article, this platform had just been launched as a funding platform, so we can’t tell whether it is legitimate or not, but you can contribute if you know the legitimacy of this site..

Red Flags: Review

  • Owner Information: The website owner did not provide any information about themselves. If Paypartask is real, legitimate information about the owner must not be hidden. But in this case, Paypartask does not have one.
  • Paypartask is using duplicate content. This means information found on the Paypartask website is also on different websites
  • The Trust Score of the Paypartask website is very low. According to research, a good trust score for a website must be around 25 – 50 points. But if a site has more than 60 points, it’s a good reputable site trusted


In last we want to say that keep yourself away from bad websites like It is not a legit online site to earn . Never ever share your information with unknown websites, they use your data to steal your money or misuse it in some other unscrupulous activity.